Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kuih cincin ini sedap..

For the past two months after my engangement ceremony, nothing much i can say about my preparation for the big day. Right now frequently busy with helping my lovely cousin wedding on 7 august. (same day with norman kru huh..)

The majlis will be held at my hometown; johor. Her fiance from ipoh,perak. Currently Fidah (my cousin)works as QS at negeri sembilan. Actually her fiance; Jeff agak kamceng with my fiance. Aku pun tak paham kenapa. They first time met around april, tapi bukan main sembang berdua macam tak lama kenal. Me and Fidah= puzzle.

Fidah ask me to buy kuih cincin in sabah as one of her door gift. Beside that, the goodie bag also contains tasbih. (tasbih nih pon idea aku.. ;p)

ini la rupa bentuk keadaan kuih cincin. Sabah tradisional food..

crunchy and yummy

besar kan kotak2 nih.. sila antar ya en.posmen

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